Scale Drawing

Our team of designers draws a scaled ship with the material provided by the customer with pictures and plans.

From the original design of the yacht, we create a scaled drawing in our computer.


Our team works in the graphic process with textures and illumination and generate 3D images with a realistic appearance.

New CAD technologies and traditional craftsmanship work together in a process in which every detail is important, as the jewel has to become the exact and unique replica of the yacht.

3D Proposals

We present several proposals to the client and he decides which is the version he likes most.

Working from then on with a 3D design of the jewel-yacht, we can set the final decisions about its finishing.

Artisan process

Our artisan team develops the piece in order to achieve a unique jewel.

Hand in hand with the owner to achieve an extraordinary and fully customised piece. Every detail is important, as the jewel has become the exact replica of your own yacht. According to the owner preferences, decisions are made regarding the base material, having a choice between platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver…


The last step is bringing the final touch in order to fit our clients’ decision.

Every one of the different decks can be personalized with different finishes that will give the yacht its unique personality: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or any other precious stone can provide colour to the decks, the flying bridges, the transom and even the portholes, the tenders or the navigation lights. At this point, our experience as jewellers is crucial; as our artisans set the difference between a standard scale ship and your own and loved yacht, a unique piece of jewellery.